Privacy and data protection

To make use of the scoremaker system, you must create an account. To create an account, press the corresponding button on the main login screen. With your account, certain data is stored on our system. By using the system, operationally required data is being created and stored with the system. By using the system, you agree that we store this data on our servers.

What data we store and for what reason

It is our principle to store as little data as possible, but as much as is needed for the system to work. We store the account data you enter as well as your affiliations (club memberships, training participations etc.). For operational and statistal reasons we store the app version you use, your system locale, your operating system and version. We do not share, sell, or otherwise make available you personal data to third parties. Your data, especially your e-mail address, is not being used for marketing or advertising purposes.

Deletion of your data

You can at any time request a complete and permanent deletion of all your data. By doing so, you will loose access to the system and other users can no longer see your data e.g. in the list of club members. Please note that for operational reasons your data will still be present in our database backups for some time.